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ANPR International is the UK's first digital ANPR company. We provide leading ANPR systems integration
for any application.

Our ANPR technology boosts your revenue, security and peace of mind.

The new handheld eXplor is the very first "Personal Security Assistant

Compact, versatile, mobile speed detection system with ANPR.


ANPR International technologies have applications anywhere vehicle movements require managing. Used across a spectrum of operational environments Automatic Number Plate Recognition is currently providing a valuable service for:

  • Parking Management
  • Access Control
  • Moving Traffic Enforcement
  • Security
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Enforcement

Read more about the applications of Automatic Number Plate Recognition Systems from ANPR International.


ANPR International develop and supply Automatic Number Plate Recognition solutions. Our hardware, designed to comply with our own rigorous operational procedures, is supported by industry-leading software packages available on either an integrated or individual basis.