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The versatility of eyeTRAFFIC comes into its own when configured to manage vehicle flow management within a car park environment. eyeTRAFFIC is the only system available that can manage the whole process of car park management. By whole process we mean:

  • Log vehicle time duration.
  • Log the amount paid.
  • Calculate if a vehicle has overstayed.
  • Query DVLA for the keepers record
  • Send a Parking Charge Notice automatically through the post.

The system is clever enough to check if vehicles are queuing to get off-site too.

eyeTRAFFIC configured for Car Park Management is branded as bayGUARDIAN.

bayGUARDIAN can check to make sure that a vehicle registration number has not been double counted. It can even be configured to flag up vehicles that are wanted by the police or other enforcement authorities.

Our ANPR technology boosts your revenue, security and peace of mind.

The new handheld eXplor is the very first "Personal Security Assistant".

The Scout is a purpose-designed Multifunction Vehicle PC which, in a single compact device, offers portability and functional flexibility.